We speak to Mathew Gold about his latest single, “Never Mind”.

What is it like growing up in the spotlight?

To be honest I’m not sure I know the difference but my true friends and family still see me for me, no spotlight will blind me. The public and social attention/criticism we receive comes with huge responsibility and I’ve been forced to handle challenging situations with poise even when I’m being attacked or disrespected. I love my job and over the last 8 years I’ve slowly matured and molded myself.

Which artists influenced you when you were growing up?

Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Boyz 2 Men, Earth, Wild & Fire must be at the top of my list

Tell us more about your single, “Never Mind”. What inspired it?

Lyrically the inspiration behind “Never Mind” came from a frustrated and personal space I’ve never explored before. I wrote the entire song in under 2 hours on Sketchy Bongo’s couch and before dinner the vocals were done (3 hours) . I must admit nothing since has come close to the “level” of creativity, speed and quality we produced that random day in Durban. All the props belong to DJ Deemo and Sketchy for making this a reality.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

According to my label “Universal” I’ve gone too far already. Since signing I’ve written / recorded 50+ songs and ironically that’s not the hardest part. Over the next 3 months I will methodically select the 18 most worthy tracks for the album as well as the next single and music video that best describes this crazy album.

What is your ultimate musical success?

I would say it was when “Taking It Easy” my first studio recorded song was nominated for a SAMA record of the year. Personally and creatively I blossomed after getting the same recognition for my debut single “No Ordinary Guy” 2 years later. The feeling was indescribable and it gave me that surety I needed to move forward.

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