Who would you say is your biggest illustrative influence?

Keith Haring and Stefan Marx.

If you could describe your work making use of three songs, what would they be? Added to that, do you have any favorite songs you like to listen to whilst getting shit done?

The three songs that we could describe Meëk Meëk are: Nujabes – Feathers, Twit one – Thai Wallah and anything from MF Doom to J’Von.

Abby: I love to listen to Bach and Max Richter in order to animate and get shit done. Any classical piano music does the trick.

Claire: I love to listen to instrumental jazz, predominately Chet Baker and Thelonious Monk. French music is also a favorite: i.e. Nouvelle Vague.

What gear/programs have you relied on during your progression as illustrators?

We use Adobe Flash, a Wacom and a computer to create our animations. To create our films we edit on; Adobe Premier, Photoshop and Lightroom. We use several different pens to draw our illustrations. They vary from the thinnest, fine liners to a rather thick ink paintbrush pen. Sometimes we draw them first, scan them into a computer and edit them on Adobe illustrator.

Given the detriment of doing household chores, if you had to pick an individual chore to do, what would it be?

Claire: I like polishing the only shoes I wear, my Oxford Doc Martins. I love seeing them clean after a while of being so dirty.

Abby: I love my cat, Hobbes, and seeing him happy and clean is the best. My favorite household chore would be brushing his winter coat before summer begins.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

At the end of 2014 we travelled to Europe for three months to visit our family and explore different cities like; Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris. We were inspired by all the street art and wanted to create an underground graffiti tag, meëk. We didn’t want to fill the walls with a name but rather drawings and characters. We also wanted to incorporate graffiti into the style of meëk’s illustrations, animations and films.

Are you currently working on any projects?

At the moment we are working on a fashion project. We are embroidering meëk characters and drawings onto our clothes to make them our own. It’s something fun to do especially in the holidays. We were influenced by Chanel, shrimps and Yves Saint Laurent fashion collections surrounding embroidery.

Tell me three fun facts about yourself.

Claire: I’m obsessed with the primary colour combination. I like to spend hours and hours doing something until I start to dream about it. If I haven’t dreamt about it I haven’t spent enough time on it. Lastly, I’ve always have cold hands which makes me the best pastry maker in my family.

Abby: I have a deep fondness of anime. I’ve mastered the art of coffee making, I’ve even started to get creative with pictures on the foam. I really don’t want to get sued for copyrights on songs, so to prevent that I am trying to master the piano so I can create my own music. I’ve been playing for over 10 years.

To you, what makes a great illustrator?

For us being a good illustrator is drawing what’s in your head, and not someone else’s. Which means that copying is prohibited. Everyone is different and has separate ideas which means being free and spontaneous is crucial to becoming a great illustrator. Meëk Meëk, for us is an expression of the world we wish to create or rather, the world as it is.

Where can one find more of your work?

By looking out of a window and on the streets. Meëk is all around us.

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