We got to chat to Sol Gems ahead of the Good Luck Bars’ turbo-charged, titillating, tweede birthday. Take a moment to find out where Sol Gems get their glitter from.

Photo by: Hanro Havenga

Sol Gems, how did you guys come up with your name?

It was given to us directly from the stars, a gift of sorts.

Would you rather live in a space station or in a deep sea submarine?

Space station, definitely space station. You can spy on the earth and also be in zero gravity!

What are you looking forward to most about Good Luck Bar’s 2nd birthday?

The beautiful line-up of: Mango Groove, AKING, The Brother Moves On, Academie, Retro Dizzy, Disco Izrael, Punk n Roll and the one ‘n only Half ‘n Half!

Also getting to celebrate and play at our favorite venue in JHB – it’s been a little while since we were last there!

What’s the coolest live act you’ve seen that you recommend that people should listen to?

We were recently super lucky to be invited to attend Primavera Sound in Barcelona earlier this year – it was a total eye-opener and a crazy trip. So many amazing acts on a completely next level to anything we have seen before. Top 5, now that we’re on the spot, (because it was literally an endless selection of top acts), that you should check out if you haven’t already is: Pond, Whitney, Solange, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and Tycho!

Photo by: Aidan Tobias

What’s one word you can use to describe your musical journey thus far?


Where do you buy all of your glitter?

That’s Top Secret! We can’t be giving away all our gems…

What’s the bands’ tequila of choice?

Anything expensive and fancy – as you can tell we’re a discerning bunch. Actually anything that doesn’t taste like paint thinners (no names mentioned)

Which characters from Hey! Arnold do you feel are most similar to each member of the band?

Oh wow! We haven’t seen this show in over 10 years! Ummmm we wouldn’t even know where to really begin but,

Stru – Arnold
Pano – Sid
Gabriel – Gerald

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