We spoke to Standeaven Brewery ahead of this year’s Capital Craft Beer Festival 2015.

DYD: What excites you most about this year’s Capital Craft Beer Festival?
Standeaven Brewery: The people, the vibe and location, it’s truly is a special festival. Also the constant innovation that the team from Capital Craft and to see what new and exciting elements they have added to this year’s festival.

DYD: Tell us about your beers. Which ones would you recommend and why?
Standeaven Brewery: To tell you a little more about our beers, all our beers are made with the idea of we need to enjoy drinking them before we can expect others to enjoy them. All the beers that we produce have a element of what we call drinkability. They should be easy drinking and keep you excited about craft beer and keep you coming back for more. We have something for everyone so pass by have a taste and you should find something to your liking.

DYD: What are the challenges and advantages of running a family-run brewery?
Standeaven Brewery: The challenges of running a family-run brewery are you expect everyone you work with to have the same passion and attitude towards everything you do and as you expand it becomes harder to keep this up. The advantages of a family-run brewery are that you all have the same amount of pride in what the brewery is doing, at the end of the day with the brewery carrying our family name its not something that we would just let go of and sell out so we are vested in the future of the business.

DYD: Standeaven Brewery is already so successful with quite a few awards behind it. What are your plans for the rest of the year and beyond? More award-seeking adventures? New beers?
Standeaven Brewery: We are always having fun testing new beers and looking at creating limited edition ranges coupled with the challenge of staying on top of supply of our regular beers to the market which in many instances have developed there respective followings so its always a balancing act in keeping the customers happy by making sure you have enough beer to supply the market, testing and keeping the public interested and involved with your brand and also making sure you yourself are finding the balance.

DYD: We’re big fans of craft beers that come from all over the world. We’ve noticed a trend in creative flavours and techniques used by some of the breweries. Do you employ methods like this or do you think the South African market prefers traditional beers?
Standeaven Brewery:
The South African market is very open to new and exciting ideas, obviously the majority of your consumers settle back in what there are used to but people are a lot more open these days to trying something new instead of the mindset in the past where people where very set in there ways. We have been known to have a little fun and brew limited runs of experimental beers to see the response and viability of them in our market. You have to consider cost of producing the product when producing stuff a little different because quite often you have high added costs because of the availability of certain items in the South African market place.

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