We spoke to Dave from The Kiffness about his music, colour blindness and OneSight Acoustics. You should support the event that is helping millions of people around the world see again. Win tickets to the next event.

What kind of set can we expect from you at OneSight Acoustics?

Some lekka doef doef sprinkled with some brup brup brup brup from the horns & some cheeky tinkly tinkle tink from the piano

What have you been up to? And, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Pretty much anything to try take my mind off Harambe. Playing a lot of shows and producing an album helps.

We love how you run your Facebook page. How has internet fame influenced your audience at events?

People don’t even care about our music anymore. After shows people just say how much they like my dank memes.

Why are you part of the OneSight Acoustics initiative?

Being colour blind myself, I understand what it’s like to be visually impaired. There are actually glasses that allow colour blind people like me to see colour like a normal person but they’re too flippen expensive & you have to import them. But if someone gave me these glasses, that would change my life and I would be forever stoked. That’s essentially what OneSight do, but they provide glasses for people that actually need them – I mean, being colour blind sucks but I reckon seeing things blurry is way worse, and if you can’t afford to get glasses then that’s even worse. If we could play a part in changing people’s lives by raising money at this gig to help people see, then maybe our lives will become less blurry and we will start to see more things about life that actually matter.

How do you think your music can change the world?

Let’s be honest, I’ve never heard of a doef doef song that changed the world (apart from Darude – Sandstorm). But being able to play at events like these will at least help change the lives of people that need some glasses so they can see good.


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