It’s about time that you got on par with DJ’s current obsession. Understanding DJ’s enlightenment will be easy easy.

Photo by: Jonathon Simpson 

The first time I heard one of his songs courtesy of BIRP, I assumed that he had the aesthetics of Rick Ross infused with Gnarls Barkley. With his soulful and unique voice, I would never have expected that of a redhead, I guess that is cruel of me to say. To top it off, due to our general competitive nature, as human beings, whilst I have been sitting on my ass and searching for music to incorporate in my life’s background tracks, he has been hard at work setting a place for himself in the world. He is only 19 years old. I genuinely only hate him for that main reason (feel free to ponder your life’s worth). His name is King Krule, also known as Zoo Kid.

To this day, I believe there is a god out there thanks to all of the online lyrics sites, which brings me to my next point. One of the many things I love about King Krule is that his music is so easy to incorporate into groans and hums when one is completely lost in what he is actually singing about.

I don’t feel that I have to write a post to convince you to listen to his music, just do it, it’s not like you have a soul to lose. He will be touring in America next month, so cancel your dental appointments and gracefully allow the gingivitis that is King Krule to blow you away.

You can watch Easy Easy below.

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