You might remember the independent folk-rock project Kabaal (klankbaan) that we featured sometime last year. Well Kabaal (klankbaan) has released a new single called, Player two, which features Gad de Combes (a.k.a. Adventure Man and keyboardist of Shortstraw). We love both acts and it’s no surprise that the song is so good.

Player two is a playful and fun take on heartbreak and loss – especially when it comes to people who are into video games,” says the man behind Kabaal (klankbaan), Floris Groenewald.

You can get the track as a free download from:

The bandcamp site also features the complete single, including Player Two, and an extra track, Let’s not go back to Austin, available as a pay-what-you-want download, with a minimum price of $1 (approximately R10).

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