Kyle describes RVWR’s music as ‘galactic trap’. He’ll introduce one of naasMUSIC’s new artists and explain why he’s out of this world.

His Soundcloud bio states that he originates from a galaxy above ours. After a long pilgrimage he has arrived in our galaxy, found home in Cape Town and is now is forming his name as a frequency constructor for us humans on Earth.

This is RVWR (pronounced RAWR).

His alien origins are evident in his Where Were You? EP released by naasMUSIC today featuring two tracks, which could only be described as galactic trap. The title track Where Were You? is a journey down the wormhole, slightly psychedelic with flavours of confused 90s hip hop and a glitched up liquid flow. The second, Repeat inhabits more of a contemporary trap sphere, however still retaining the sci-fi soundscape with rapid blasting synths somewhere between a robotic stammer and laser fire.

Apart from his outing with naasMUSIC, RVWR’s repertoire includes that of various contemporary trap remixes of various artists such as Rick Ross, Ying Yang Twins and Gang$ign$, solidifying that he is indeed a purveyor of international level trap.

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