We got to chat to Veranda Panda ahead of this month’s Park Acoustics!


You’ll be playing Park Acoustics this Sunday, do you two often play during the day for a crowd of acoustic music loving humans? 

(Liam) Day festivals are by far our favourite! It’s undeniable that we sharpened our claws in clubs, but our goal was always to play live shows for music lovers. We both played in bands growing up and try to make our festival shows as interactive and entertaining as possible.
The brand of “Veranda Panda” has come a long way since its inception, what’s been the strategy to move you this far forward?
(Jane) We work hard! But seriously, we put in the hours and we also aren’t afraid of being weird.
We haven’t really had a strategy as such with cultivating a trendy image for our brand or anything, which maybe is a mistake who knows! Instead we are just trying to be true to the people we are and the things and music we like, and I think that’s what steadily has built us some really genuine fans and followers.
You guys look fairly serious on stage, is this from intense focus, or is there something else behind the poker face?
(Jane) Haha do we? I don’t know about that. We have a lot going on up there with all our machines and instruments so we have moments when we need to focus, but we have fun and generally get quite silly up there. Maybe it’s because i’m not wearing my glasses so I look angry when i try to look into the crowd..?
(Liam) I used to get asked all the time in varsity why I was so mad. But it was just my heavy eyebrows!
Jane’s recently picked up a few more instruments and your sound currently tends to sound more diverse, what was the motivation behind all of it?
(Liam) Keeping ourselves interested I think? Every eight months or so we shift something, be it the gear, sound, approach to the set. We basically want to stay excited about what we have to do. I think having an element of nerves also helps with the energy on stage. We have loved the inclusion of the Sax and Jane is picking it up quick sticks. I wanna bring in my Harmonica, but Jane always laughs when I play it…:/
What can Pretoria’s crowd expect to see from you at Sunday’s performance, and where are you guys moving off to next? 

(Liam) It’s a really dope set for us. End of the day, everyone is ready to jam hard, so thats what we are going to do. Give them something to jam to! There is nothing in the back of your mind going: “Ah we better calm down cause the headliner is next” We are the final curtain and we can just go nuts. I love that. We have a few new tracks and tricks up our sleeves, but I think Sunday’s show will grow organically from the crowd as well.

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