Adilson De Oliveira

My name is Adilson De Oliveira, but it seems that I’m starting to become more well known by my nickname/pseudonym, Jesus of Jozi. The nickname was coined by this dude I used to tag with. He was a thorough bred christian and I’d often have theistic debates with him. One day he got so worked up he confused “Nazareth” with “Jo’burg”. Bright lights went off in both our heads, and he ‘christened’ me the “Jesus of Jozi”.

Adilson is a self-taught artist, who gets most of his influence from; punk rock zines, skateboarding culture, and the street art movement that’s been going strong since the 90’s. Artists like David Choe and Basquit, as well as all the artists from the ‘Beautiful Losers’ documentary (Barry McGee, Ed Templeton, Thomas Campbell) all had a similar DIY mentality, a mentality that inspires Adilson to the fullest. Adilson believes that if you have an image in your head, and nobody else is making it, then get out there and do it.

Inspiration is everywhere, man. People really motivate me to make art. My best friend from birth always pushed me to make art and he helped me refrain from fearing what people thought of me. Unfortunately he committed suicide in September 2013. Literally over night I decided to change my direction in life and pick up my pencils and use art to express and cope with everything I was going through. So, David Vieira is my main inspiration regarding the creation of my art, because of him I am who I am. Everything I make is a tribute to him and his legacy, his 15 short years on this planet.

Most of the art he makes is a process of selfishness. To Adilson it’s therapeutic. The subjects he chooses to depict help him get through any of the negative things he’s going through. If other people can dig it, find meaning in it, relate and then empower themselves through it then that’s great. If not, it’s only just subjective and thus, only as powerful as the change it brought out in me.

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