Things we’ll miss about you

We’ll miss all your music instruments
And how we could always sing along
We’ll miss the way you danced on stage
And that your ukulele game was strong

We’ll miss your snazzy tie dye tops
And all the glitter that you wore
We’ll miss the pink and baby blues
And not being able to tell the twins apart at all

We’ll miss you at the Bungalow
We don’t know where to go from here
We’ll miss that we can’t fall in love some more
This breakup isn’t fair

We’ll miss the way you’re not around
And Nic’s handstands when he didn’t fall
But mostly we’ll miss that we won’t get to see you play
At our favourite festivals anymore

Sadly for Al Bairre fans, this will be the last time Al Bairre will perform live in the city after the band announced their split on social media on the 21st of February.

“Johannesburg! We literally and figuratively can’t wait to see you one last time! You’ve always been a bunch of wild animals on the dance floor when we play, so we’re very super duper excited for one last boogie with one of our first loves. Wear something loose,” exclaims Al Bairre front man, Kyle Davis.

Come enjoy one last show with Al Bairre as their mix of cello, violin, ukulele, keys, guitars and drums with distinct indie vocals, backed up by angel like harmonies from identical girl twins, create an ‘ice cream of orchestral sound‘ live show that will make you lose both your shoes.

An epic Sunday awaits as we dance one last time with Al Bairre and ‘Dance Sum More’ with Mango Groove.


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