There is quirkiness too and one cannot stop smiling at the treasures her brush strokes produce. We love Tara.

Find out what she has to say about herself and her work.

Tell us a bit about your background and what made you want to become an artist.

I am originally from Pretoria but have been based in Berlin for the past 3 years. Being an Illustrator was actually something that came about quite organically. After studying Industrial Design, I ventured into this field professionally, but took solace in painting and drawing after spending hours behind a laptop and autocad all day.

I really enjoyed mixing and selecting color palettes, the tactility of working with paper, and creating messy brush strokes.

How did your style develop over time?

“Over time, I learned to love the imperfections of drawing a slightly odd proportioned person, face or object.”

My style really developed because of my confidence. Having studied Industrial design, I was taught to draw in precise manner, which is what my style started out as. It’s what I felt my style “needed” to be.

Where do you get the inspiration for what to draw?

Color plays a big part in my process, not always, but mostly! I rarely wash my color palettes, so the colors can lead me to a subject matter. Other times, it could be anything from a Nature documentary (I have been very into Werner Herzog’s documentaries on Volcanoes and Antarctica lately) to found books on the street, people waiting on the Subway platform, or places I have traveled to.

I recently started a ceramics class, and find myself drawing pages and pages of creations that I’d love to make.

What tools do you use?

I work primarily by hand using Gouache, watercolor and ink. I usually scan in finished illustrated elements and do touch ups, color editing or repeat patterns in photoshop.

If your muse were a magical creature, what would it be?

A fire breathing bird with a long Mermaids tail made of Petals and leaves.

Where do you see yourself venturing in terms of your art?

I’d love to work more closely with International Publishers, magazines and newspaper, Illustrating articles and books. I am currently working alongside a friend who is writing a children’s cookbook, so that should be fun!

I have also worked a lot with textile and surface illustration in the past, so I am curious about what my illustrations could look like on other surfaces. This is also something I have started exploring on my own, and am hoping to have an item of clothing adorning my work by Spring/Summer of this year.

See more of her work on her website and on Instagram.

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