Caution: (Artists or designers reading this, be warned; one might feel the urge to cry or change creative careers after viewing this talented human’s work.)

Christiaan du Toit, nickname ‘Christi’, is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Cape Town. His designs are quite simply out of this world. He works meticulously and produces graphics that one cannot help but be seduced by.

Christi has been drawing since he can remember. Spending most of his teenage years playing in bands and skateboarding, he was inspired by band t-shirts and skateboard deck designs. He took illustration as a subject in high school and then went on to study graphic design at a college. After honing his skills at a design studio, he began freelancing and hasn’t looked back since.

Christi told us a bit about his design process:

My work is predominantly digital. I still hand drawn as I use a drawing tablet for pretty much everything past the planning stages (for which I still stick to pencil and paper).

“I’ve always been a big fan of the grittiness and imperfect look of hand drawn illustrations and try to stay true to that as much as I can.”

The reality is that we’re in the digital age. Thus, it’s important to be versatile enough to be able to produce work in a digital format, so that’s where I put my focus for final execution.

Functionality and purpose play a big roll in my planning, where the final execution gets more of a visually interesting treatment as the project evolves. I always want the work to best reflect the image or positioning of whomever I’m working with, while still trying to infuse it with my stylistic aspects as far as I can.

My personal work is generally more abstract in theme. It usually reflects my interests or opens up the floor for experimenting with new techniques such as animated gifs or pushing my style forward. My inspiration usually comes from my interests, such as lyrics to songs I like, or subjects and experiences that I resonate with.

Christi hopes to continue producing good design, to keep bettering himself as well as to expand his client base. He told us he has some incredible projects coming up and we are pretty excited to see what he will create.

Stalk more of his work on his website, Behance, Instagram and Facebook page.

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