Talking to Graphic designer and polyglot, Lindie Botes.

Lindie Botes is a UI/UX and graphic designer and YouTube polyglot based in Johannesburg. This incredible creative has a colourful background. Lindie was born in Pretoria but grew up in Paris, Islamabad, Dubai and Tokyo.

All though she took Urdu, Arabic and French in school, Lindie’s love affair with languages began in 2009 after seeing an advert for free Korean lessons in the newspaper. In matric, she then began learning a few other languages for fun.

Lindie speaks 10 languages and is officially a fully-fledged polyglot. She has her own YouTube channel where she gives tips and tricks to the language loving community.

Although she doesn’t have a favourite language, Korean is close to her heart as she has been learning it for the longest. She loves the strange melodic sound of Vietnamese, the intricacy of Chinese characters and she is also currently aiming to improve her Hungarian and Mandarin.

Lindie’s love for typography and language is reflected in her designs. She has recently been greatly drawn to Japanese graphic design.

Japanese graphic design is of an exceptional standard internationally, and the quirkiness, minimalism, contradictions and intrigue of Japanese designers captured my heart.

Lindie tells us a bit about her Japanese poster series:

“After interning in Japan for a while, I became more and more interested in Japanese typography, and naturally, the language. I wanted to combine my love for the scripts (Japanese uses 3 “alphabets” – Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji) with my love for typography and poster design. In August 2017 I did one poster each day to form a complete series of Japanese typographic posters. Each poster has a different theme with a word or a phrase. These are concepts, song lyrics, phrases, names of places, single words or thoughts. The corresponding design relates visually to the text. The series was to challenge myself both mentally (keeping to a schedule and doing one poster a day), linguistically (learning new words) and creatively (exploring ways of visually representing language). I had no plans or list of words or images to work with. Each day was a fresh start.”

Her posters are available for purchase and can also be shipped. Simply contact her with the links below. 

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