Chaf Kozy is a creative collective based in Johannesburg, combining various art forms in a collaborative effort.

“We’re a group of friends who are involved in different spaces of art. Actor, model, designer, musician, visual artist and skater. Collaborating on projects together is easy because of our skill set and chemistry. There’s a lot happening amongst young people in this city and we’re happy to be around for it.”

The Chaf Kozy look-book for online vintage thrift store founded by Joseph Ntahilaja, is about showcasing multiple styles in order to inspire you to create a unique look. Thrifting has become popular amongst the kids these days and often you find that people think wearing a thrifted piece automatically makes your outfit look good, but its rather about how you incorporate your thrifted piece with the rest of your outfit. Its always about the combos and that’s what we aim for at Swift Thrift ZA. Being able to allow people to curate their own style for an affordable price, that’s what thrifting is.

Creative Direction: Joseph Ntahilaja
Photographer: Tarryn Hachett
Stylists: Joseph Ntahilaja & Phil Baloyi
Models: Chaf Kozy featuring Loyiso Mbere, Jesse Rabinowitz, Bonolo Shiceka, Lebo Jean-Paul Tilsley, Salma Vallee, Dani Wolf

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