Alec Counoupas, @imprtlprspctve on Instagram is an 18 year old high school student based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He shoots due to an overflowing stream of passion for photography and to create content for his Instagram feed. I have done a couple of shoots for various companies but since I’m still in school, combining work and photography has been difficult. The content I’m currently producing consists mainly of models and sometimes friends of mine in different and unique locations. I love meeting new people and so shooting at different locations allows me to do that. Though Alec spends a lot of time editing his images, he tries to keep them images as real as possible. I feel that often images are sort-of “over-edited” which in my opinion, takes away the moment that has been captured. Alec aims to present my images as accurately as the moment they were captured. I think my audience is able to see this as all of my shots are very different from one another unless they’re combined in a series. I am also always finding new rooftops to get onto or abandoned buildings to get into. There’s just something about being at a location not many people have been to and just being there. I always take the weather and time of day into consideration when shooting and I prefer shooting around sunrise, sunset, on an overcast day and occasionally at night.

Alec-Counoupas-2 Alec-Counoupas-1 Alec-Counoupas-12 Alec-Counoupas-10 Alec-Counoupas-9 Alec-Counoupas-8 Alec-Counoupas-7 Alec-Counoupas-6 Alec-Counoupas-5 Alec-Counoupas-4 Alec-Counoupas-3 Stalk more of Alec’s work on Instagram.

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