Lucy travelled to the world down under and has written a few posts about her trip. This is her travel guide to enjoying all that Melbourne in Australia has to offer. We’ve also featured uncanny photos of Melbourne in this post.

I’ve put together a list of must-dos while you’re in Melbourne.

Hang out in Richmond
Richmond is the sporting suburb of Melbourne. Home to Australian cricket’s MCG and The Australian Open. An Aussie summer without cricket is like a 100m sprint without Usain Bolt, unheard of. Attending a game at the iconic MCG is the best way to enjoy Aussie cricket. The Australian Open is the first major event on the ATP tour and is not to be missed. If you are wanting to see the Federers and Nadals without having to spend big I highly recommend buying a ground pass for the first week as you get to see them practicing during the day. Both grounds are within walking distance to each other and are easily accessible by train, tram and within 15-20 minutes walking distance from the city centre.

Go to St Kilda
The nearest thing Melbourne has to a beach, not quite like Sydney’s Bondi but a beach none the less. St Kilda, much like most Melbourne suburbs, offers a cafe cultured aesthetic and definitely worth exploring away from Melbourne’s CBD.

Discover Laneways
Melbourne is infamous for its art and culture and this is further explored in the graffiti embodied laneways. Legendary graffiti artist Banksy has even been known to graffiti his work in and around the laneways. Degraves Street is a more common touristy laneway associated with Melbourne, with cafe tables spilling out on either side.

Find Yourself on a Rooftop Bar
I asked a local friend of mine what are the must do things as a tourist when in Melbourne and we both realised that although there may not be major tourist hotspots, Melbourne has one of the best restaurant and cafe cultures. I found myself at Rooftop Bar, which converts itself into a rooftop cinema most week days. It overlooks the city and is the perfect way to spend a pre-session. Other note worthy places include Naked for Satan, Cookie, Meatballs and Lygon Street for anything Italian. This is just a pinch of what Melbourne has to offer.

Chill out at Federation (‘Fed’) Square
Located in the centre of Melbourne, directly opposite Flinder’s station, Fed Square is the perfect place to sit and soak in the Melbourne vibe. During the summer major sporting events, such as the tennis open, are televised on the big screen.

Go to a Gig
Some of the best artists and band are emerging from Australia. Triple J, an Aussie radio station, promotes local Oz music and you can check out music festivals such as Falls Festival, Big Day Out and the Laneway Festivals across Australia. Melbourne provides the best venues for gigs such as The Northcote Social Club, amongst many others no doubt.

Ride a Tram
The tram is an iconic part of Melbourne and its public transport system. Riding the tram is like catching a yellow taxi in New York, something you have to do. It’s an effective transport system for getting around the city so you can’t go wrong.

Eat a Kangaroo
Ok, not a whole kangaroo but when in Oz you have to eat a kangaroo burger. Kangaroo meat is one of the leanest and healthiest meats and it tastes really good! There are restaurants that specifically serve local Oz cuisine, such as Kangaroo and Emu, but kangaroo mince and steak can be found in local supermarkets.

Photo by Mark Burban
Photo by Douglas E. Pope
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Photo by Andrew J. Cosgriff
Photo by mugley 
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Photo by moo-core
Photo by moo-core
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