The Burn experience was rad – Africa was understated. That could’ve been my expectations going in to it. I didn’t feel immersed in any cultural African experience but more so the Western European experience.


It would be really beautiful to see an AfrikaBurn where the social experience of Burn as it is included the African culture as I love. I currently live in Mthatha – where we are immersed in Pondo culture – the richness of the culture; and even its creativity could contribute so much to make it an AfrikaBurn.

Burn as it was- overwhelming for starters (as Burn virgins), it’s a perfect escapism of routine and cultural norms: be what you want, wear what you want, do whatever you want – within the 11 Burn Principles.

You get in what you put out

It’s a social experiment where you go in expecting mutual trust and it works in a beautiful dusty way. Totally challenging from getting there to getting the fuck out but it’s worth it – this difficulty bolsters the experience more! The more you invest in the experience the more you’ll see. I still find myself overwhelmed by how incredible the experience was and can’t wait to go back next year and contribute in many more ways. Everyone needs a Burn experience.


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