This talented young photographer is based in Seattle. She has produced work for several publications including Nylon Japan, ID magazine, the Polyster Zine, Oyster and Teen Vogue.

Ashley Armitage delves into the dreamy, intimate world of women.

Her use of hazy pinks and yellows provoke a keen sense of nostalgia. She juxtaposes a girly idealism with the quirks of womanhood.

She seeks to ‘reclaim the representations of the female form through a girl gaze’.

From tampons, pubic hair, glitter, painted nails, bruises and tummy’s to pimples. Armitage makes it rather rad to be a real woman. There is a wealth of strength and honesty in her observations.

We were lucky enough to have her share her favourite images with us. Check out more of Ashley Armitage’s sublime work on her Instagram.
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