Bastian Kempf is a 25 year-old Swiss photographer who currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

“My main theme is dark and moody photographs, I generally play with single light sources in the streets.”

Bastian also tends to add cinematic motives to which could resemble frame-grabs of actual movies through his photography.

“It’s all about telling an entire story with a single picture.”

As Bastian tends to find his own photographic handwriting, he would say that he’s influenced by the photographs of Gordon Parks, Gregory Crewdson and Vitali Gelwich.

“I think my main inspiration for my photographs is to attempt to show people in a different light. Forgetting about generic perspectives like; happiness and fashion portraits. I allow them to release their powerful, ugly and arrogant selves. Sometimes I direct them with a spontaneous thought, to imagine the form part of movie scene to form the mood I want to create.”

Stalk more of Bastian Kempf’s work on Instagram.

Check out his mini-gallery below:

Stalk more of Bastian Kempf’s work on Instagram.

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