Dennis Auburn

Dennis Auburn is a really talented photographer located in Houston, Texas. He creates incredible surrealist portraits. His photography focus is friends, while they’re out venturing new areas or just wasting the day away. He always tries to find a personal connection with anyone or anything that he shoots. His set up consists of a Nikon N80 and D90 and he takes a few instax from time to time. Dennis even goes as far as to say, “I consider my cameras my children, and I treat them like the precious angels they are.”

Dennis started taking photos when he moved from his small midwest town to a huge open city in high school. He found the transition rough and photography provided a way for him to deal with the move and fill his time. He found an old Canon FTb while thrifting with friends and has been hooked on photography since then. Dennis considers photography as his own form of meditation.

When he first got into photography he didn’t know many photographers. When I asked him about local and international photographers that inspire him he told me this, “I first encountered Tamara Lichtenstein’s work and I am still inspired by her work today. Not only that I’m glad I can call her a good friend. I’m also in awe with Tim Walker’s aesthetic. His work is literally stepping out of reality and taking you to Xanadu which is what I hope to interpret in my own way.”

I asked Dennis why his work is so different from other photographers in his genre and he replied with this, “I’m not really sure what sets me apart from other photographers. I’m not one to compare and contrast from others especially regarding their work because everyone has their own way of expressing their ideas and expressions. What I can say though is that since taking photos, I’ve learned not take myself or my photos seriously and just enjoy the ride.”

You can find Dennis on Instagram, Facebook and on his website,

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