Clara Delarue is a Swiss fashion designer, stylist, personal shopper and super talented Instagrammer.

During my studies to become a fashion designer; I wanted to capture my creations photographically. So, I started taking pictures of my work, from the point of view I wanted to see.

Photography and home

Today, I work as a stylist and a personal shopper. Photography helps me focus. On my melancholic days it clears my head. My camera is always with me. It helps me find my way through big crowds and hectic moments. Bern (Switzerland) is a great little city, however, in wintertime the light conditions aren’t always optimal. In the past, I’ve occassionally run outside in my pyjamas just to capture a moment in the right light.

Rights, rules and revere

Personal rights are important to me. I don’t upload any pictures of people other than mine to my Instagram account on purpose. Since my Nikon D500 got stolen, I take all my pictures on my iPhone. I’m finding motives for my photos in my surroundings. Most of my pictures were taken within a radius of 5 square kilometers. I feel  that limiting the area lets me see the details of my city.

I love the minimalism, the graphic and the imperfection. At first glance, architecture may seem ordinary but upon closer inspection, interesting details are revealed. With the combination of light and shadows, make for unique photos. I enjoy going against the previously learnt artistic rules. I enjoy to break rules.

Often I get asked why I keep on adding white squares to my Instagram feed. I find it beautiful to – in this flood of images – be able to rest the eyes for a moment.

Stalk more of Clara Delarue’s work on Instagram.

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