There are artists everywhere and we’re featuring one of them, Mark Strydom. He has created incredible photo types around Johannesburg. 

DYD: How did you get into photography and where are you going with it?
Mark: Photography is a very serious hobby of mine. I am in the commercial industry as a creative researcher working my way up to be a commercial director. I was obsessed with drama in school and that followed me all the way through Drama at Rhodes to Directing and Writing at AFDA. What really interested me about photography is that a single image can tell so much. My goal for photography is to take a photo that can literally change the world or just have an impact on someone and inspires them to make a difference. I would love to take a photo that actually makes a difference, like that of Alf Kumalo or Steve McCurry.

DYD: How do you find inspiration for your photos?
Mark: Inspiration for my photos come from within me as a story teller and performance director. I want to capture a moment, no matter the subject or context. My job requires me to look at millions of images. This affords me the privilege to really study the masters of photography, art and design. Saying that they are my only inspiration would be a lie. I get inspiration from everywhere. We are surrounded by texture and stories. One difficult aspect of this is applying that which I have learned and trying to tell these stories.

DYD: What made you decide to do the photo types for Braamfontein and Maboneng and did you face any challenges when trying to look for letters?
Mark: I take photos as a creative outlet. In commercials, film and music videos there is often a client whom often has the final say and can at times interfere with the creative choices. I do not have time or enough money to organize a complicated shoot to my liking. Therefore I needed to do something quite succinct. I am inspired by Jozi. So I decided that every Sunday I would go to various areas and take photos of type. Then using the letters, I try and create a mood and atmosphere of these different locations. My biggest regret is that I have not taken enough of these different amazing spaces that are right here on our door step, but I’m working hard on changing that.

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