Capturing the mystery and largely undisturbed beauty of Madagascar through his lens, photographer Luke Nelson explores how nature and man coexist on the isolated island.

Luke Nelson is a Cape Town born and raised photographer and documentary filmmaker, who is currently based in London.

He’s spent the last couple of years working on various wildlife documentary shoots and traveling around Africa. His passion lies in capturing, as he puts it “the obscure and mundane”. Thus, inviting us into his mind through glimpses of the communities he explores and interesting situations he encounters.

In Relative Isolation is a captivating photo series in which he explores the spaces and faces he encountered during his travels around the enigmatic island of Madagascar. Frank and unadorned, the photographs give the viewer a candid glimpse into life on the remote island, through an exploration of scenes of nature in contrast with the human element – and how the two manage to coexist.

Find more of Luke’s work on Instagram

Find more of Luke’s work on Instagram

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