Maxine Heyns is an artist, weirdo, functional lunatic, slinger of words and creator of digital things by-day. By night, Maxine is an artist and peddler of perspectives on the human condition by-night.


I stumbled into photography as a means of expending creative energy during a period in which I didn’t have the heart to commit to creating art in my traditional medium. The humble beginnings of photography were more of a ‘soul’ crutch replacing my creation of art on paper; that only later ignited into passion. Throughout my life, my need to create and express my innermost (mostly misunderstood) self has been akin to the need for survival. Creating is my lifeblood. It’s my way of coping with the world around me and the world inside me. It’s what keeps me here.


Aside from my incessant and insatiable need to create, photography has become the mirror that reflects the momentary fragments of life that I may not otherwise have born witness to.

“There are nuances and subtleties captured through the lens, oftentimes missed due to their fleeting nature, unless made more permanent through photographs.”

That’s where my passion and continued exploration of photography lies – in the smaller, seemingly insignificant, more transient moments of life.

Stalk Maxine Heyns’ work on Instagram

Stalk Maxine Heyns’ work on Instagram

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