Nelis Botha

Nelis Botha is a South African photographer. He uses the usual Canon 5D Mark III with prime lenses. Most of his personal work is shot on film. He has about 15 old film cameras that he loves and he tries to please them all as much as possible (in a sexual way). Nelis also likes to explore different mediums of photography, for example: iPhoneography. He loves how people are simply pushing the boundaries with a small lenses on cellphones. Nelis finds interest in taking photos of many things.“#Dogs, #Cats, #Flowers, #Clouds. Just Kidding! I love telling stories visually, so mostly people. I also like my landscapes but it’s only for personal projects.”

In terms of him finding his inspiration he finds it in different things like music, nature, people and design. He believes that any creative person should not limit him/herself with regards to types of inspirations in his/her profession. Nelis freelances and his work is scattered all over the web. He is currently busy with a personal website but is battling to find time for his own work. He does however have a Tumblr blog.

“When I was 4 my dad bought me my first camera. Hahaha just kidding! My biggest inspiration and why I started was because of my brothers. I kind of grew up assisting my brothers and just being around them when they worked. It was at my first Oppikoppi, 2009, when one of them (Werner Botha) were taking photos, which gave me an opportunity to shoot with his camera every now and then. It was there where I fell in love with every aspect of it. After which I studied it, and here I am now.”

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