Paige Furness is a photographer who has been called “quite the constructor of surrealist renditions” and whose work has been described as “everyday life in dreamy colour”.

She likes to use photography to reshape the world around her with the hues and pigments of her imagination.

“I fell in love with photography as a kid when I picked up a disposable camera at a wedding, finished every shot on the spool, and then proceeded to work my way through the spools of every guest who would let me make off with their camera.”

Ever since then, she’s she’s used whatever camera is available to her to document the world around her. Over the last few years, Paige has contributed to the Durban music scene’s visual identity by shooting album covers for Missu and ByLwansta, providing stylised press shots for the likes of Robin Thirdfloor, Red Robyn, Victoria Raw, and palmdrive, lending her eye to events like Zakifo, Interpret Durban, and Fuego Heat’s Hangouts, and brands like Red Bull, Native Instruments, and Sol-Sol.

Stalk Paige Furness’ work on Instagram.

Stalk Paige Furness’ work on Instagram.

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