We’re going to be working on a series of photography features this year and this will see us featuring photographic works and projects from around the world. First up is the Cape Town based Laura Windvogel, who goes as Lady $kollie. 
There is a personal and almost voyeuristic style to Laura’s work and it displays her love for analogue photography. We got to talk to her and we discovered that she hates experimenting with gear so out of the six cameras that she has she primarily makes use of two, a Minolta XG1 and Olympus XA1. She likes to take photos of her family and silly things, perhaps even sexy things. Nan Goldin is one of her favourite photographers for her interpretation of her friends. Robert Mapplethorpe also lends inspiration for his different approach to porn and she also considers Wayne Lawrence a favourite.  You can find more of her work on her Tumblr.

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