Luca Vincenzo is an incredible self-taught photographer from Cape Town. He chooses to focus on shooting people (most of them beautiful), nature, colours, shapes and textures. He began his photography journey many years ago with a disposable camera for his birthday from one of his close friends, Daneel. He talks about the experience, “I snapped away and after developing the photos and looking at them, they gave me such a feeling, a feeling I’ve never felt before. So I took some more images, and I felt that feeling again, and it became a rush to make something that creates a feeling. I rate I’ll always be chasing that feeling, and striving to let others feel something too. If you aren’t making something for feeling, you can fuck right off.” 

He then acquired a Pentax K1000 analogue camera and began a fun trial and error process to get his photos looking like they do today. He’s recently started shooting on a Canon digital camera and he added this about the experience of shooting digital, “It’s quite a trip being able to snap away without limit after years of restrictions on film; also, it kinda speeds up the process of constantly learning and honing your craft. Then again, there is just something, a texture and feeling present in film photography that is inescapably charming in its romance.” 

I asked him why he’s so different from other photographers in his genre and he replied with, “Variety and feeling. I might not (yet) have a definitive aesthetic, but I am focused on feeling for now.” 

I talked to him about international photographers that inspire him. He admitted that he doesn’t really follow international photographers or Tumblrs but he could bring up two names of photographers that inspire him: Leif Podhajsky and Noell Oszvald.

His inspiration from local photographers comes from his really talented group of friends. This list includes John Mellish, Kent AndreasenKristin Lee Moolman, Adriaan Louw, Caroline Mackintosh and Hanro Havenga. He admires John Mellish and Kent Andreasen’s brilliant minds and the entire list’s constant hustle and consistent quality output.

You can find more of his work by checking out his Tumblr. He’ll have a dedicated website after he has completed some more series.
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