Savannah Van der Niet is a Brisbane-based photographer whose work has the ability to silence any other thoughts you were having.

Who are you as a photographer and how would you describe your style?

I’m a predominantly analogue shooter based in Brisbane. I capture magic moments and people.

We’ve seen a big focus on analogue photography in your work. What differentiates you from other photographers shooting on film?

My eyes.

On that note, why do you shoot film?

Film has heart. I could spend hours rambling on this, but it’s the organic process of the whole thing. It demands the photographer to slow down. It’s the anticipation of waiting for film to come back from the lab and fighting against the culture of instant gratification we have in our generation. And the images naturally have beautiful tones and textures – which means less time editing and more time shooting!

You’ve shot some incredible multiple exposure photos. What process do you follow to create some of those photos?

Thanks so much! This is a unique process depending on the camera. On mine, it’s a matter of planning a shot, setting the camera to the number of exposures, and taking the images – ensuring that the images are exposed in a way that they will be the correct exposure when layered.

What gear have you relied on during your progression as a photographer?

For film, I started with a Pentax SF1, and now have a collection of different brand film cameras for different uses. The two I use most are my Canon 1V and Canon AE-1 Program. Digitally, I started with a Canon 550D and upgraded to a Canon 6D then Canon 5D mark iii.

Can you tell us about any great moments you’ve had as a photographer?

It still freaks me out that people know my work haha. That’s such a huge thing to me – that there’s some kind of response to what I do. People having my work on their wall, or saying to me they know and have seen my work. I get excited when anyone says something like that, and especially when they’re someone I look up to or whose work I follow. The adventures I have shooting are always a highlight too.

In your opinion, what makes a great photographer?

I divide photographers into Feeling Photographers or Technical Photographers. There are people whose work is crisp and perfectly composed and exposed, and then there are people whose work can have movement and mess and simplicity and evoke something pretty powerful. It really depends what you prefer. I’ll take a “feeling” photo any day.

Which local and international photographers inspire you? 

In Australia, Luke Byrne, Ryan Kenny, Genevieve Walshe, Jess Webb and Joshua Maxwell De-Hoog.  Internationally, Olivia Bee, Hana Haley, Tamara Lichtenstein and Theo Gosselin. Among many others.

Where can we find more of your work?

Firstly, my website –

You can also find my work by clicking through the following links:

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