DJ got to talking with Tom van Huisstede, a young photographer/designer from Groningen, in the Netherlands. His project was to create was to create an alphabet made out of existing objects.

Tom talked to us about the origins of Leesover“Immediately, the word “food” came to mind. So I decided that my alphabet would consist of food and maybe some drinks. At first I thought, of course, a normal alphabet made of snacks and drinks but I felt that is was missing something. I started thinking about an alternative alphabet and Braille came to mind.”

In the Netherlands, books are seen as food for the mind. Tom decided to title his project Leesvoer, this directly translates to ‘read food’.
“After a brief investigative session on the internet I recalled what braille meant, the ‘flat’ images you find on the Internet for example, or a book, the tactile dots are depicted as a black circle and grey or white circles if it is not perceptible part of the script. After learning this the word contrast popped up in my head.”

Keep in mind what Tom decided to title his project.

“Because of the round shapes of the dots I had to work with round foods and drinks. Apples, candy, and meatballs were some of the foods that came to mind. Eventually I learned that some foods, which at first sight are not round can be made round.”

“Maybe, after seeing my project I hope you’ll think about the fact that it’s not obvious for everyone to see the things we can see.”

What Tom found interesting is that people who can see Braille, do not appreciate it as much as those who have to feel it. If you want more information on Tom then we suggest checking out his Tumblr page.

If you are hungry for more of his current and future projects, check him out on Facebook or Instagram.
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