Rocking the Yaysies? Red Frogs and Chill? Who is Allen and Steven? Daisied-and-confused? If you were at Rocking the Daisies this year, these are some of the questions you probably would have had answered, all in that order. I know I definitely have, and no, the answer is not 42.

Due to my extreme excitement for Rocking the Daisies and my love for Yeezy, calling it Rocking the Yaysies seemed quite the appropriate title. Upon arrival, my love for taking selfies was made evident to anybody who stood within a 50cm radius of me.

I had a pit-pass for the Huawei Electronic Dome stage. This required me to make use of a Huawei P8 to capture the boldness of fellow Daisies’ festival goers. It also allowed me to become the jackass; making use of a cellphone to take photos of the scenes inside of the pit. I love being a jackass and shout-out to everyone who retracted their complaints after they saw just how stealthy the P8’s camera quality is.

I enjoyed the jeering sounds of newly adapted ‘Red Frogs and Chill’ and the excitement of search-parties attempting to locate the non-existent pair, Allen and Steven.

I hope that you enjoy this portrait gallery, shot on film and Huawei P8.


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