We’re doing something a little different with our musician interviews. If we really like you then an interview means a photo shoot. Phizicist was up first. He has come along way in the Gauteng music scene and he’s going places. You should know his name by now. Leese took charge of the interview and all photos were taken by DJ.

DYD: Why did you start making music and how did you get started?

Zain (Phizicist): I started making music around the age of 12 or 13. I was into rapping and I needed to make beats to rap over because no-one was going to make beats for me then. I initially used a tape recorder to record samples from tracks and then would sit for hours constructing and dubbing the tapes.

DYD: Where do you draw inspiration from?
Zain (Phizicist): Anything that sounds pretty gnarly. I love sound so that inspires me.

DYD: How would you describe your genre of music?
Zain (Phizicist): I make a multitude of genres, and not one specific genre. To give a blanket term the music I make, I make electronic music.

DYD: What is it about the genre of music you create that speaks to you?
Zain (Phizicist): Music speaks to me in general. Not one genre speaks to me. All do, some are ‘music’ to my ears, others, not so much.

DYD: What are you trying to relay through your music?
Zain (Phizicist): Depends what I want the song for. If I’m making a song for playing in the club, I’m trying to create euphoria, darkness, abrasiveness and all round excitement when I make it. It’s meant for people to dance to.

DYD: What sets you apart from everyone else?
Zain (Phizicist): I’m sexy. I have a book called, “50 shades of Zain”, a memoir of my body. Just kidding. I’m not too sure, my personality, which comes through in my music. My ideas as well I guess.

DYD: What advice would you give aspiring DJs about the SA music industry?
Zain (Phizicist): Don’t be a poes, you’re not curing fucking cancer, you’re making music. It’s awesome, it’s great, but it doesn’t allow you to act like you’re a better human being. You’re not, you’re like everyone else. Stick to that.

Stick to your guns, even if no-one digs your stuff because it’s “out there”, stick to it and get fucking good at what you do. Listening is imperative, train your ear. Practice, focus, get your heads out the clouds and fame is jaded.

You won’t make money. Remember, music first. That’s why you’re in it, isn’t it?

I have a lot to say to aspiring DJ’s, and none of it is pleasant. So in summary, humility, dedication and willingness to learn is imperative if you’d like to be any good. Patience as well. FUCKLOADS of patience.

DYD: Do you think you’re any good?
Zain (Phizicist): I’m decent. I’m awesome in bed. Apparently I can fall off the right side of the bed and land on my feet.

DYD: Where do you see yourself a year from now?
Zain (Phizicist): Hopefully playing outside South Africa. Writing tunes for T.V., games and films. Eating a fuckload of bacon.

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