As mentioned once before, if we really like you as a musician and we can get hold of you, then an interview also means a photoshoot. Phosphene is new on the Gauteng music scene, we feel that with his intergalactic sounds, he is going places. DJ took charge of both the interview and photographs. 

DYD: Humor me, let’s pretend we live under a rock and we haven’t heard of Phosphene, could you introduce yourself in 3 sentences?
Adrian (Phosphene): Hi, I’m Phosphene. I make dancey indie music that makes people happy. Sometimes I sing and play guitar too.

DYD: What the frick does Phosphene even mean?

Adrian (Phosphene): Phosphenes are the stars and colours you see when you rub your eyes.

DYD: Were there any other band names you were considering when you first formed?
Adrian (Phosphene): Crystal Panda, microcosmos, and Neon Beach. None of those really “fit” what I’m doing, I’m pretty happy with my name now though.

DYD: How would you describe your music if you had to describe it to a hermit from Warfhuizen in the Netherlands?
Adrian (Phosphene): 
Well, I come from the Netherlands originally, so this shouldn’t be too hard. I guess you could say my music is a mixture of Indie, Dance, and Nu-Disco

DYD: *scenario* You’re out with your mates and have had a couple of beers, “all the tables, on their tops”, what is a typical activity that would constitute in you dropping your drink? (For example: Thinking you can stage dive off of a crooked bar)

Adrian (Phosphene): After a few drinks at a concert or party I like to cut loose and do some ‘clichéd’ 80’s dance moves like an idiot. I often end up falling on people.

DYD: Who would you cross-reference your band to and what sets you apart from them?
Adrian (Phosphene): 
I would love to compare my music to the likes of Passsion Pit, Imperial Teen, Mew, and CHVRCHES. The thing that sets me apart from these bands is the fact that I do all the music and lyrics myself and I’m kinda just doing my own thing as opposed to being stuck to the “mold” of a specific genre or style.

DYD: If you could play at any major festival around the world, where would it be and why?
Adrian (Phosphene): Definitely SXSW (South By Southwest) in the States. Mostly because the bands that play there are incredible and I would have a fanboy moment every 5 minutes, especially if I ran into someone like Lauren Mayberry from CHVRCHES.

DYD: Who is in charge of writing lyrics? And, where do you draw inspiration from?
Adrian (Phosphene):
I write my own lyrics. I guess the great thing about having your own music project is complete creative control. I draw inspiration from the people I meet, constellations, my home town (Joburg), and dystopian novels.

DYD: Lastly, what is your take on bacon?
Adrian (Phosphene):
Bacon is definitely friendlier than most people.

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