New Orleans, often referred to as the most unique city in the USA, is well-known for its appreciation of jazz music, arts, Mardi Gras and cuisine. In that same breath, Hurricane Katrina and more recently, police brutality come to mind when matching words to the city.

It’s always a difficult task to find the beauty in everything. Let’s mentally raise white flags and release doves of peace to the horrible things going on in this city. Have a moment to admire the beauty that’s being overlooked because of these crazy times.

Take a moment to look at New Orleans, Louisiana in 10 filmy moments shot by Deji below:new-orleans-3 new-orleans-4 new-orleans-5 new-orleans-6 new-orleans-7 new-orleans-8 new-orleans-9 new-orleans-10 new-orleans new-orleans-2
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