Johan de Jager, @thehipkicks on Instagram, is a sneaker connoisseur and photographer. He is a generation Y compadre based between Johannesburg and Pretoria. Johan has always had a passion for sneakers; be them runners or lifestyle. My ultimate goal is to build a big social media following and create a well-known name, taking said brand internationally to showcase sneakers and sneaker collectors globally and lastly, taking over the world. Johan’s journey all started from shooting images of sneakers from his iPhone. He’s come a long way to say the least. Sneakers are not just shoes, they’re a lifestyle. Hipkicks explores the sneaker-culture in South Africa, I will always be on the lookout for awesome kicks. I have always loved shoes and Hipkicks is the beginning of greater things.Hipkicks-8 Hipkicks-7 Hipkicks-6 Hipkicks-5 Hipkicks-4 Hipkicks-3 Hipkicks-2 Hipkicks-1Stalk more of his work on Facebook and Instagram.

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