A photographic collaboration, illuminating man’s relationship with the stars.

The Light Within Series explores man’s relationship with the boundless skies above. We are all part of the same pulse, the same body of atoms, the same stars.

Together stylist Sheena Bagshawe, photographer JP Hanekom and hair and makeup artist Liezl Leach have created a series of striking, star inspired portraits. All three artists offer not only their skills but also their individual insights into the infinite space that surrounds us.

Sheena Bagshawe on the series: “Visually, the universe and the stars have been a growing aesthetic trend for a while I’m no trend analyst. I think the idea of looking outwards to furthest place possible while there’s turmoil across the globe is both inspiring and terrifying. Inspiring because there’s more out there, more to discover, potentially more space to inhabit. Terrifying for the same reasons in relation to how much damage humans continue to do to our own planet.”

Photographer: JP Hanekom

Stylist: Sheena Bagshawe

Hair and Makeup Artist: Liezl Leach

Models: Aaleya Omar in Akedo, Francis Buseko in Vintage Zionist, Kgothi Dithebe in Akedo, Olivia Mortimer in Vintage Zionist, Armand Dicker, Zander Opperman in Zara, Anita Makgetla in Levi’s, Michaela Giddion in Zara and Anelisa Mangcu in Akedo

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