We’re taking a look at some of our favourite photos from this year. It has been a busy year for the DYD team and you’ve seen photo coverage from Aidan, DJ, Henry, Jacques, Kresha, Kyle, Lourens, Tim and Yetu at some of your favourite festivals worldwide. We’ve split our Top Photos in 2013 into two parts, January – August and September – December, because things suddenly picked up in the second half of the year. This is part 2.

Hello-Ambassador-Yetunde-DadaYOG-YOG-Grimehouse-Yetunde-DadaJo-burg-Day-2013-39-Vodacom_In_The_City-43-Lourens-SmitRTD-Aidan-TobiasRTD-friday-177-Aidan-TobiasCMJ-Pelican-Tim-WaltmanCMJ-Yamantaka-Sonic-Titan-Tim-WaltmanHalloween-2013-Yetunde-DadaParklife-Kyle-GerhardtPark-Acoustics-Deji-Dada-2-Synergy-Live-2013-Henry-Marsh Synergy-Live-2013-Henry-Marsh-2-Synergy-Live-2013-Deji-DadaSynergy-Friday-1763-Aidan-Tobias


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