The selection for 30 Under 30 Women Photographers 2016 has been published. You get to see an incredible list of moving images created by young women all over the world. I have been following this series for the last two years because I’ve been drawn to the cause that champions women photographers. Natalie Dybisz best describes why it’s so hard to be a women photographer:

“In photography, the traditional place for women is in front of the lens. Visit a modern photography tradeshow like Photokina in Cologne, and most of the visitors you see swarming past are male, with their photography gadgets slung round their necks; whilst the models posing at each booth waiting for you to take their picture on new, state-of-the-art cameras, are predominantly young and female. You could say this is a picture of photography convention: as it has always been, and as it still is now.

Look at any advertisement for a new camera, you will usually see the kit beheld by a male hand, with the image of a young woman visible through the lens or emblazoned onto the glass itself, as though the camera were always meant to be a male eye, gazing out onto a world of female subjects. Photography, whether we like to admit it or not, is by and large a male-dominated arena, where the ‘looking’ is a masculine act, and the subject is feminine, playing the role of ‘looked-at’ and admired mainly for their outward appearance. Photography, then, has been a mirror for conventional gender roles in western society.”

Natalie Dybisz (Miss Aniela/2010)

I completely agree with this commentary. As difficult it is to find a place as a female photographer, I struggle even more as an African female music photographer. I’ve been looking for individuals like me, but while I continue this search I continue to be wholeheartedly inspired by the works that 30 Under 30 Women Photographers finds. I suggest that you check out this year’s selection. Click here to find the 30 Under 30 Women Photographers 2016.

30_under_30_women_photographers_anna_pantelia 30_under_30_women_photographers_camille-michel 30_under_30_women_photographers_cassandra-giraldo 30_under_30_women_photographers_constantina_peppa 30_under_30_women_photographers_costanza-gianquinto 30_under_30_women_photographers_cristina_aldehuela 30_under_30_women_photographers_federica-landi 30_under_30_women_photographers_felicia_simion 30_under_30_women_photographers_jamie_erin_johnson 30_under_30_women_photographers_karen_arango 30_under_30_women_photographers_louise_wagner 30_under_30_women_photographers_mansi_thapliyal 30_under_30_women_photographers_marcella_magalotti 30_under_30_women_photographers_marina_caneve 30_under_30_women_photographers_marine_lepetit 30_under_30_women_photographers_marta_iwanek 30_under_30_women_photographers_michaela_skovranova 30_under_30_women_photographers_natalie_maximova 30_under_30_women_photographers_ozge_sebzeci 30_under_30_women_photographers_sinziana_velicescu 30_under_30_women_photographers_stefania_notizia 30_under_30_women_photographers_stephanie_rose_simcox 30_under_30_women_photographers_tanya_bindra 30_under_30_women_photographers_tara_rice 30_under_30_women_photographers_tasha_van_zandt 30_under_30_women_photographers_tatevik_vardanyan 30_under_30_women_photographers_xyza_bacani 30_under_30_women_photographers_yumna_al-arashi 30_under_30_women_photographers_zhu_lanqing 30_under_30_women_photographers_zsuzsa-darab

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