This year’s Grietfest was my fifth in a row and it was incredible! I’ve been prepping for Grietfest 2015 for a while. I felt that this event was well worth it. Some of my favourite party memories will come from here. I loved the venue, even though it destroyed my lovely shoes. I loved the music, even though I likely embarrassed myself in front my friends. And I loved the culture that the event created. I don’t really go out any more but when I do, it’s for things like this.

I couldn’t resist compiling a Heard and Seen post from the festival because people were saying the craziest stuff. I have added my photo series to this post too, so you can check out those photos.

“The bus driver is staying on the bus so we can leave our things on the bus.”
“Oh, then I’m leaving my dignity on the bus.”


“This tastes like regret.”


“Remember that time I said, “See you later,” to the paramedics?”


“I really didn’t sleep well last night. When I woke up at 02h30 I thought it was finally time for Grietfest.”


“I twerked so hard during Apashe that I needed to take a shit.”


“I expressed myself against the containers!”


“My ass is still clapping for Apashe.”


“Are you going to take a photo of me?”


“Are our bus drivers drinking?”




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