I was at weekend 1 of Coachella 2015 and have compiled a Heard and Seen post about the festival. Coachella is amazing and is probably the best festival I will ever go to. Here are some of the things I saw during the weekend and some of the things I heard from fellow festival attendees.


“He’s been body building for five months for Coachella! He even lifted me onto his shoulders.”


“You’re from South Africa? I watched a movie based in South Africa called Chappie.”


“You’re South African? Tell me more about this Pistorius guy.”


“This bitch next to me lit a joint, finished it, then pulled out an electronic cigarette. Then she took a drag of her friend’s cigarette.”


“Fake it til you make it! Hey, do you want some Fatorade? Gatorade and vodka?”


“Were you here last year?”
“There was another South African here last year. You guys look the same, same hair and skin colour, so I confused you.”


“The potties¬†smell like fucking shit! It’s good to be drunk so you don’t realise.”


“What do you want?”
“It’s not that simple.”
“What do you want?!”


“What is that?”
“A milky bun. It’s a warm glazed donut with an ice cream filing.”


“My mom’s always calling when I’m drunk. She’ll ask, “Are you drunk?” and I’ll say no. She phoned a few hours ago. She’s also called when I was at the movies once.”


“Your crowd reaction was an 8/10 but I’m looking to take this to 420.” – Flosstradamus


“There was shoving then one of the guys socked one of the bystanders.”


“Started from the bottom now we here.” – Drake

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