I went to the 50 Shades of Grey premiere last night and decided to make a Heard & Seen post about the event. I used my Nokia Lumia 920 to take a few photos and mark down commentary from the people around me. The event at Brooklyn Mall’s Ster-Kinekor cinema had five movie houses showing the film. We might have stumbled into their Girlfriend’s Getaway event because we found a packaged gift on our movie seats. Each gift was complete with a True Love magazine, L’Oréal Shampoo and Gyna Guard tampons.

Enjoy the comments.


“We had to come for the premiere. The seats won’t be clean after this. If we need to watch other movies we have to go to Cine Prestige because at least they have leather seats that can be cleaned.”
“Why do you think I have my towel?”

“You’re also here to watch 50 Shades of Grey? Is that why you’re wearing grey?”
“Yeah, not wearing grey for the movie but I am wearing a skirt for easy access.”


“I feel weird about watching this movie with you guys. What if I get turned on and you’re right there?”

“Her acting is worse than Kristen Stewart.”


“Hashtag moist.”

“Wa itse keng?! Ha! She goes back for more after her first time?”


“I’ve been hit harder than her, by my parents.”

“What time is it? When is this going to end?”

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