I was at the Friday night of Ultra Johannesburg 2016 with Lourens, Paddy and Anika. We got rained on, had to hustle with jocks attending the show but overall it was a great experience. We mostly hung around the main stage and Galantis, Zedd and Skrillex were absolutely incredible. I captured the night on my handy Huawei P8 and compiled a list of things I heard around the festival.

“That’s it! Skrillex cannot be allowed to leave South Africa.”

ultra johannesburg 2016

“What do you drink?”

“A lot”

ultra johannesburg 2016

“I met my fiancée at Ultra last year. We’re celebrating our anniversary even though it’s past the 14th of February.”

ultra johannesburg 2016

“Why do you look so smad?” 

“I’m not. That’s just my face.”

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