You know all those rumours you hear about advertising? Well, I can confirm that at least eighty percent of them are based on facts. This last weekend I had the pleasure of attending The Loeries, in Durban, and seeing as I did not trust myself enough to take a camera, I took a couple of pics with my iPhone and kept my ears open for the “creative” word use the Ad industry is so famous for.

Disclaimer: Do not continue reading if profanity offends you.

“Okay, I might go crazy like last time and I’m sorry. Last time I was crying in the corner eating ice.”AVos_Loeries2016_4

“Let’s be respectable to the people who aren’t in the industry. But when they’re done, vaginas out.
Be who you are, because an accountant couldn’t make me moist trying to sell wet wipes.”AVos_Loeries2016_2“The Loerie. She is Certainly the most promiscuous bird in the species. And when I say she, I mean that in the most gender-neutral non-misogynistic way possible aaaand now that we have destroyed that joke with political correctness, let’s continue…
If you have made it to the second night of the Loeries without a blood transfusion or a liver transplant you are a fucking winner.”AVos_Loeries2016_1 “You know what people called me at school, well what they should have, sweet chocolate balls.”

“(A 3AM Proposition): I’ve got two cookies back at the hotel.” 😉 

“Tempt me again. I’ll show you how fucked up I’ll get.”

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