I’m going to start this article by saying that the DYD Bacardi Cocktail 101 Session was one of my best nights out. This article is essentially an explanation of why it was so good.

Bacardi invited the DYD team to a Bacardi Cocktail 101 Session. A Cocktail 101 Session is essentially a fun class on how to make cocktails. You know that we like to drop drinks and we also like good drinks so most of the team agreed to attend the evening. In the end, Ash, Lourens, Shariffa, Lebogang, Kyle, Deji, Henry, Lucy and myself were able to enjoy the evening. It was organised to be hosted in our hometown, Pretoria, and the chosen venue was Baracas Wine & Beer Bar. Deji and I have been to Baracas before so we knew what to expect from the upscale craft beer and burger bar but it was a first time visit for the rest of the team.

The evening was built around two parts, a theoretical and practical session. The theoretical session saw Kevin Snyman, brand ambassador for the Bacardi portfolio, taking us through a history of Bacardi, bartending and what it means to be an informed cocktail drinker. We also learnt about the history of each drink presented that evening. We enjoyed the Mojito, Cuba Libre and the original Daiquiri. Did you know that Bacardi can actually verify that they created the first Mojito? Or that bartenders’ careers began with actually tending people’s expensive drinks in cabinets? The second part of the evening, the practical session, was the teach a DYD person how to make a proper cocktail with attention to detail and skill. This was funny to watch and do. Deji, Henry and Kyle struggled to throw ice. Shariffa added too much sugar to her Mojito. Lucy struggled to wake up her mint and I wasn’t successful in the washing machine motion that would stir my drink to completion.

The evening was great for a lot of reasons. Kevin’s drinks were amazing. The food and atmosphere from Baracas was incredible. I also believe that the people were just right. I spend a lot of time with the DYD team online and when we’re all able to get together we just have the greatest time. I love you guys. We also had Kevin really letting his passion for his work, his art form, shine through from start until finish. I’d like to believe that we’re all cocktail connoisseurs after this experience. The whole DYD team wants to thank Bacardi, Cow Africa, Baracas and Kevin Snyman for this event and personally, I would like to say thank you for putting together one of the best nights in my life.

The photos you see below were taken by myself, Henry, Lebogang, Deji and Lourens (that’s what happens when you have a blogging team made up of photographers and writers).

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