I made my way to the Basha Uhuru Freedom Festival 2014 just after the Capital Craft Beer Festival in Pretoria. I didn’t intend to stay long but really just wanted to experience what the Kalashnikovv Gallery and Constitution Hill were trying to create with this free festival.

I was greeted by a large-scale event. I think the best part of this event was that Constitution Hill was still open as an art gallery.  So taking time out to relax away from the music meant that you could wander through the corridors of the many open buildings.

The Basha Uhuru Freedom Festival was created to celebrate creative culture and freedom of expression in our country. This vision tied in more so with all the Youth Day celebrations that took place over the weekend. I was struck into silence when I had a look at one of the art pieces. It was a set of posters made for Youth Day and the primary issue addressed in all those posters was education. Education is still something that the youth have not received and it’s something they’ve stopped fighting for. You only need to look as far as the issues in Limpopo regarding textbook delivery. Why were there so few protests? If anything I experienced a sense of revival when I saw those posters. The people who came before us knew what we’d need the most. We need to keep demanding it.

We always get a little introspective whenever we head to Constitution Hill. I left the Basha Uhuru Festival sometime in the late afternoon just as things really looked like they were heating up. To all those that were not there, you missed out. When your line-up includes Desmond & the Tutus, Christian Tiger School, Tumi, The Brother Moves On and many more for free then you know should have headed to the Basha Uhuru Freedom Festival for a massive party. I hope this festival is back next year because it does its vision justice. You can have a look of GIF images that I made while at the festival, click here.

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