Festivals have changed over the years as more and more musicians have turned to the event structure as a revenue generating source. My experience of festivals so far has been one of many bodies, small clothes, the loud doof-doof of big room house and EDM, dust, more dust, sunburn and Red Bull headaches. It’s rare that an organising committee will take time to put music in front of the numbers and profit game. It’s rare but Churn exists. Churn is a boutique music festival that is changing the way we should experience music festivals in South Africa.

Churn 2016 took place at The Tweefontein Melkery about 30 minutes away from Johannesburg from the 1st until the 2nd of October 2016. Churn was magical place that seemed to exhale music. The Tweefontein Melkery housed an assortment of stages with the right amount of people. There was space to dance wildly or close your eyes and experience the line-up which featured some local and international artists, including Jumping Back Slash, Thor Rixon, Leeu and Daev Martian.

What I experienced made me proud to be at an event that was defining South Africa’s future sound. I have no doubt that budding musicians enraptured in the audience would no doubt pick up a passion to continue development of South Africa’s electronic music scene.

Churn 2017 will be happening so look out for updates leading up to the time. I hope you enjoy the photo series that I took on the evening.

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