There are few random adventures that top my recent Lush Festival 2017 excursion. For months I had been grappling with the following questions:
  • Splashy Fen 2017, Lush 2017 or a weekend in my bed?
  • Established or new?
  • 464km, 360km or 0km?
  • Adventure or comfort?

To Lush or not to Lush?

This all ended with a phone call: “Yetu, I’ve got everything sorted for this weekend.”

I decided with a few days to spare that I was going to mission to Lush Festival 2017 with a plan to stay no longer than a day, no tent and the hope that I would survive. I had heard many things about the first iteration of Lush in 2016; some praised it and others hated it because of logistical and new festival nightmares. I just didn’t know what to expect (or potentially regret).

fLUSHness Fun

All I can say is that I’m glad I went (for a day). Lush 2017 was a magical place. I found an electronic stage in the woods, tequila that that tasted like death, an incredible performance filled with nostalgia from Temper Trap, mud, interesting mustaches, basic accents, chicken, heat sink handholds, wild dancing during PHFat, muddy Vans, revival during BCUC, white wine, a beautiful sunset, bass through my body and laughter, so much laughter.

A pLUSH Experience

The Lush team managed to work out festival kinks and create a well-oiled festival beast. I hope that you all pay attention to this darling in Clarens and make your way to Lush 2018.

Check out my visual coverage of Lush 2017 below:

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