Oh, Endless Daze, I’m feeling Dazed and confused now that you’re over.

It’s been one day since Endless Daze and let me tell you I still haven’t completely come back down to earth. To say that Endless Daze was a great festival would be an unfair understatement. It was completely and utterly magical and I doubt I’ll forget it any time soon.

After hearing nothing but good things from everyone who went last year, I simply couldn’t wait for the Endless Daze weekend to arrive. With our car packed to capacity and our expectations at an all-time high, we made our way, surfboard and all, to Silwerstroom Resort late on Friday afternoon.

Upon arrival I was greeted by the welcoming sounds of psych rock, which seemed to fit in seamlessly with the sound of the waves. We set up our campsite right by the beach all whilst enjoying the most beautiful sunset, a sky painted with hues of purple, pink and orange; setting the scene for what was going to be an absolutely spectacular weekend.

Faced with possibly one of the greatest festival line-ups ever; I eagerly made my way through the campsite to the entertainment area. When I got there, I was struck by just how small and intimate the festival really was, with only one main stage (and a tiny tent stage which only came to life the next morning) and a few food stalls and bars. This setup is absolutely perfect for someone like me, who has a tendency to lose everyone I know at bigger festivals and end up wandering around on my own.

Day by Daze

Friday night saw fantastic set after fantastic set. Friday left me reluctant to leave the entertainment area even when the temperature dropped to arctic levels and I needed to get an extra warm jacket. Mr Cat and the Jackal and The Valley both played amazing sets, followed the always awesome Retro Dizzy whose upbeat and exciting surf rock sounds had everyone dancing along.

Beautiful, haunting vocals sent chills down my spine as I listened to Medicine Boy’s set, which was followed by the international act for the night, Moon Duo. Moon Duo brought their ethereal, psychedelic sounds for everyone to enjoy. The highlight of my Friday night, without a shadow of a doubt, were Hello Beautiful. Their vibrant and unashamedly 80’s inspired, synth-filled set not only kept the cold at bay but had everyone dancing the night away.

Saturday dawned, sun shining, along with the promise of a variety of dreamy acts who would be starting off the day in style at the Velvet Morning Stage. Grabbing a bite to eat from one of the food stalls, I sat down to enjoy my breakfast whilst enjoying the wondrous sounds of JHB-based electronic duo Luma and an incredible performance by the unbelievably talented Van T.

A mandatory expedition to the beach to soak up some of the sun’s rays and perfect my sunburn was the next port of call. After 3 unsuccessful attempts at dipping my feet in the crisp Atlantic Ocean without getting hypothermia, I decided to give up and head back to the entertainment area to try the now-famous kombucha gin and tonic. The rest of my afternoon was spent lounging in the shade of the entertainment area, drinking an obscene amount of kombucha, chatting to friends and enjoying fantastic sets from the likes of Twin Weaver, Mouse, Runaway Nuns and the Tazers.

As the sun began to set and the temperature began to drop, the second international act of the festival, The Sunflowers, took to the stage. Enthralling the crowd with their insane psych punk sound, and setting the tone for what was to be an unbelievable night of music. Seriously.

After a quick venture back to the tent to get warm clothes, drink some wine and admire the dazzling lilac sunset; we made our way back to the entertainment area only to be greeted by the celestial sound of Amy Ayanda as she performed one of the most beautiful sets I’ve ever had the privilege of hearing. The music only got better as Dangerfields, The Deathrettes and the BLK JKS took to the stage one after the other, each one bringing their own unique and fantastic sounds to the stage, much to the delight of the crowds.

Excitement began to mount as everyone waited for the eagerly anticipated international act, the Oh Sees, and hell were they worth the wait. To put it plainly, they absolutely killed it. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that they had two drummers playing perfectly in sync for the duration of their set, and I really mean perfectly. Watching them was an experience I’m unlikely to forget any time soon. They’re definitely one of, if not the best, live acts I’ve seen perform this year.

With the Oh Sees finished and everyone’s minds thoroughly blown, we all wandered over to the Velvet Morning Stage where the good folks from After Hours were doing as they do best. They played all the songs we wanted to hear, ensuring the night ended in the grooviest way possible.

I feel as though I’ve used far too many cliché adjectives to describe this festival and the acts it brought us, but honestly the quality of the music and raw talent which graced the stage throughout the festival was of such a high standard, that I needed to scour the thesaurus to truly do this festival justice.

Local is always lekker

A tremendous thank you and congratulations must go to Psych Night for organising and executing one of the most flawlessly run festivals I’ve ever attended. From spotless bathrooms, queue-less and super-efficient bars, good food, snazzy merch, pristine festival grounds with plenty of dustbins, more than enough places to sit, spectacular sound and a line-up fit for the gods; you had every base covered and then some.

Endless Daze is the perfect example of why bigger is not always better and how local is always lekker. It was an utter privilege to attend this year’s festival and I’m already counting the minutes for next year’s festival, even if it is ‘endless days’ away.

Photographic coverage by Tasmin Weir.

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