Making it’s debut over the Easter weekend of 2016 Lush is, as far as South African music festivals go, a fresh new face in comparison to the seasoned veterans. Don’t, however, be fooled by its newbie status because Lush is definitely not a festival to be missed.

Situated on the Linwood Farm just outside of the picturesque town of Clarens, Lush offered not only an incredible line-up showcasing the best of both local and international acts but, like the gift that keeps on giving, it also treated us to a location with spectacular scenery and a dazzling night sky.Lush_Festival_2016_by_Lourens_Smit-2659Giving us the option of moving between three stages which offered a variety of different acts, Lush went above and beyond in creating the perfect environment in which we could indulge our musical appetites. Whether you preferred being serenaded by acts such as Josh Kempen, Adelle Nqeto, Go Barefoot, or Josh Wantie at the intimate Barn Owl Stage; losing yourself in the crowd for the energetic and vibrant performances by local favourites such as Grassy Spark, Francois van Coke, Al Bairre, The December Streets and Majozi at the main stage; or, just dancing the night away to electrifying sets by the likes of Pop Art, Chunda Munki and Mr Green at the electro stage, Lush had you covered. One of the highlights of the festival was definitely the electro stage, aptly named The Woods, which was located in a forest and had the most amazing atmosphere as everyone danced in the shadow of its massive trees.Lush_Festival_2016_by_Lourens_Smit-2988

The headliners certainly did not disappoint with Xavier Rudd giving a mesmerising performance and Civil Twilight wowing everyone with their unbelievable talent and ability to connect with the audience.

As with every new festival, Lush encountered some growing pains which came in the form of getting one’s bags from the car park to the camp site, which were on opposite ends of the festival grounds. Although there were trucks available to take people and luggage to and from the camp sites, the process of setting up camp turned out to involve a rather long and tiring trip which many people had to make more than once.Lush_Festival_2016_by_Lourens_Smit-2436That being said, a massive congratulations must go to the organisers of Lush Festival 2016 for putting together such an incredible line-up and an all round amazing weekend. Lush was certainly one of the highlights of my year thus far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the festival as it couldn’t possibly be anything but bright.

So, if you’re looking for a festival where you can meet new people and make new friends, eat good food and listen to the best music, then Lush should without question be on your festival to-do list for 2017.

All photos are by Lourens Smit.

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